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Noel Gauci; Immigration Consultant – Ukraine

Expertise & Accomplishments

Noel Gauci is a Maltese Business Consultant and has a flair for Renewable Energy. Noel is mainly focused on renewable energy projects and research in Malta, FDI and Internationalisation efforts in China, Ukraine and other countries. Noel served on various Government Boards on renewable energy and environment related task forces.

Noel is also president of the Renewable Energy Section of GRTU – Malta Chamber of SMEs, Vice President of the Romania Malta Business Foundation, Chairman of the Renewable Energy Consortium (Malta) and Director of Base Malta Ltd, amongst others.


Noel Gauci began his business journey in 1995 by setting up various firms in retail, renewable energy, catering and import-export. In 2007 he was elected as a council member in GRTU – Malta Chamber of SMEs, and president of the Renewable Energy section. In 2015 Noel set up Base Malta Ltd and joined forces with Acumum in 2017.


General Course in Engineering – City & Guilds of London
Master in Business Administration – Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (United Kingdom)


Noel Gauci是马耳他商业顾问,具有可再生能源的天赋。Noel主要专注于马耳他的可再生能源项目和研究,在中国,乌克兰等国家开展的FDI和国际化工作。Noel曾在各政府委员会担任可再生能源和环境相关专责小组工作。

诺埃尔还是GRTU可再生能源部总裁 – 马耳他中小企业商会,罗马尼亚马耳他商业基金会副主席,马耳他可再生能源联盟主席,马耳他马耳他基金会主任。


Noel Gauci在1995年开始商业旅行,成立了零售,可再生能源,餐饮和进出口业务。 2007年,他当选为GRTU – 马耳他中小企业中心的理事会成员,也是可再生能源部门主席。 2015年,Noel成立了马耳他基地,并于2017年与Acumum携手合作。



工商管理硕士 – Anglia Ruskin大学剑桥(英国)