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Malta Credit Rating Stable – Positive

Malta Credit Rating Stable – Positive

Below is the most recent Malta credit rating assigned by the three largest credit rating agencies; Fitch, Moody’s, as well as Standard & Poor’s:

Rating Agency Long-term Short-term Outlook Last updated
Fitch A F1 Stable 20/02/2016
Moody’s A3 n/a Stable 28/10/2014
Standard & Poor’s BBB+ A-2 Positive 08/01/2016

Credit-rating agencies issue credit-worthiness opinions based on objective analytical methodologies and are intended to assist in overcoming information mismatches between issuers of debt securities (international financial institutions, sovereigns, public and private corporate sector) and investors. Credit-ratings are important for the rated entities/countries as they generally affect their cost of borrowing.

Links to the above ratings can be found here:

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