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Honest, Transparent Pricing & No Hidden Costs

= Long Term Relationships

Flexible Fee Arrangements

We are lean.  Like any other successful business, especially in these lean times, we have ‘cut out the fat’ by utilising technology and modern business practices, for instance we do not pass on our own training costs of junior members, or expensive offices.

As a lean services & advisory group, Acumum provides cost efficient, flexible fee arrangements to our clients.

A senior member of staff will always be appointed as the manager of your matter. For cost control, we use junior members of staff – and always monitored by the senior member – for any work on your matter which we believe is junior or administrative in nature.

Engagement letter

Once we both agree that we will work together, we shall send to you an engagement letter, setting out the work we will undertake on your behalf and the fees that we have agreed upon.


Acumum prides itself in having transparent relationships with our clients. We issue monthly statements detailing the fees and expenses that have incurred upon your account.


Much will depend on the jurisdiction you are in, type, nature and work undertaken on your behalf.

  • Fixed hourly fees– depending on the nature of the project
  • Reduced fees with discretionary or success bonus – usually for long projects of unknown duration
  • Declining hourly rate – again, usually for long projects of unknown duration
  • Contingent fee – popularly known as ‘no win no fee’
  • Shared savings from litigation management
  • Equity –  Start –Ups – we might agree to provide legal services, up to a certain amount, in exchange for equity in your company, or  convert our deferred fees into equity, so long as the value of the equity is determined in an independent manner.


We may, in certain cases, require a retainer before commencing work.  The retainer is an ‘up front’ payment which is applied as against any fees or costs we may incur upon your behalf.

Additional Fees – AKA – ‘Disbursements’

We don’t like costly surprises – neither should you.’

The additional costs we shall incure on your behalf are:

  • Statutory or application costs, such as Government or legitimate, authorised organisational charges – for instance trademark applications
  • Extra, requested or necessary charges – such as courier services.