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Acumum Outsourcing Exhibits At Legal Futures Conference – Malta BPO & LPO Services

Acumum Outsourcing Exhibits At Legal Futures Conference – Malta BPO & LPO Services

Acumum to Exhibit at Legal Future’s Conference

‘Era of the Entrepreneur’, London, 18 November 2014

Legal Futures ConferenceMalta – A Near-Shore Solution

Acumum will be attending Legal Future’s Conference ‘Era of the Entrepreneur’ to exhibit it’s Malta LPO & BPO service offering.

Acumum enables corporations and law firms to leverage Legal Process Outsourcing (Acumum Outsourcing-LPO & BPOLPO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) strategies to reduce cost and engineer efficiency.

With a concentration on EU & US legal markets, Acumum opens the door to a deep near-shore talent pool of highly qualified legal, accounting and corporate professionals.

Acumum’s service offering is targeted at:

Why Malta?

Malta represents an ideal outsourcing destination, particularly as a near-shore option for the UK, continental Europe & the USA:

  • Full EU member state since 2004 – in close proximity to all major European capitals
  • Surplus of expertly qualified and experienced lawyers and accountants available at costs competitive with Asian outsourcing destinations and lower than competing mainland European near-shore destinations
  • Classified as an Advanced Economy by the IMF, Malta operates as one of the world’s financial centers, and possesses a mature business environment with an established BPO industry. Note that offshore destinations such as India, the Philippines, and South Africa, do not posses this classification.
  • English is an official language, with Italian and French common second languages
  • Secure and reliable telecommunication infrastructure
  • Low operating costs and unique tax advantages

Why Acumum?

Acumum brings to the table a wealth of managerial experience in the areas of legal process outsourcing, process management and lean project execution that ensures our LPO/BPO support team deliver optimal value.

The hallmarks of Acumum’s outsourcing practice are:

  • Providing consistent and high-quality work product – on time and within budget
  • Providing transparent and flexible pricing
  • Protecting confidentiality and data security

Language Capabilities

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Maltese
  • Russian

If you would like to know more about how Acumum can serve to enhance your business, please contact Acumum’s Managing Partner, Geraldine Noel: | +356 2778 1700 | Skype: acumum